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What is your Privacy Policy?
Sun City Medical Supply is a professional and secure site, we value your privacy and will not share any personal or financial information with anyone for any reason. Keeping our customers safe and happy is our top priority.

Credit Cards
The credit card information is also encrypted and is safe with our company. Many policies and procedures are in place and monitored from moment to moment to make sure that credit card data is not misused. It is also taken off site immediately to decrease the chance of any type of fraudulent practices. Credit card information is saved to our accounting system which has minimal contact with anyone besides the developers and owners of the site. There are many layers of both physical and logical security protect that database. is a level 4 Merchant and is compliant with all laws and regulations regarding credit card protection. This group of rules set forth by the major credit card companies are established to ensure safe, confident, and reliable communication standards as well as physical procedures and policies for handling credit card information, fraud investigations, and normal transactions.

Email Addresses
Email Addresses are not shared, bought, or sold via our site or our data management system. Sun City Medical Supply will not misuse your email address nor will they share it with any other vendor.

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